Titan (8/10/2016)

Chunk of new Titan Comics just released. Sherlock: A Study in Pink #3, Norman #3, and Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor #8.

BOOM! (8/10/2016)

Some of the BOOM! titles in this week’s batch. Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1, Weavers #4, and Adventure Time #55.

Dark Horse (8/10/2016)

A few of the new books just released from Dark Horse. House of Penance #5, Prometheus: Life and Death #3, and Harrow County #15.

Marvel (8/10/2016)

Chunk of new Marvel comics released today. Old Man Logan #10, Darth Vader #24, and Black Panther #5.

DC Comics (8/10/2016)

Some of the DC titles in this week’s batch. Superwoman #1, The Flash #4, and Wonder Woman #4.

Image (8/10/2016)

A few of the new books released from Image Comics today. Spread #15, Birthright #18, and The Black Monday Murders #1.

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